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The on-again-off-again Felix Baumgartner space jump is on again, according to statements from Red Bull and various media outlets including BBC .

Baumgartner is, as you may recall, an Austrian daredevil with a penchant for jumping off stuff that he really shouldn’t, but he does anyway, and it makes for some sick video. That’s why he’s awesome. On his list of de-virginized BASE Jumps, Petronas Towers, Taipei 101 and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro. God bless you Felix Baumgartner.

But it’s his next jump, planned for several years now, that I blogged about a few years ago, that’s really gonna drop your jaw. This time he’s setting the record for a free fall – he’s jumping from a location up, WAAAYYYY up, 36 kilometres above the Earth, in what’s been dubbed ‘The Space Jump’.

If he’s successful, the jump will eclipse the previous record, set by Joe Kittinger in 1960, in which Kittinger did a 31 kilometer free-fall. Cojones the size of watermelons that man has.

Baumgartner’s Space Jump, assuming it happens, will have him falling so fast he’ll actually break the sound barrier. That will be the first time man has achieved that speed without assistance from a machine.

BBC and National Geographic are working on the documentary. Will keep an eye on this one…

Watch the video, and hear Joe Kittinger as he speaks of his 50 year old record and passing the torch, so to speak. I still think it’s touching everytime this man talks about working up the courage to set such a crazy record, and how he “said a little prayer” before he jumped.

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A confession: I am really bad at tying knots. Fortunately for these demented rock climbers who recently created a 150 foot rope swing on Corona Arch near Canyonlands National Park in Utah, they’re more inclined to tying knots that hold under strain. That’s a good thing, considering this freakin epic rope swing nabs some serious air time and floated around claims of “the world’s largest” til some killjoy killed that one with a link to an even bigger rope swing in New Zealand.

Still, it’s a sick, sick rope swing. Love the video and the hoots and hollers as these guys do the 130 foot free fall and the bungee-esque sling-shot back up. And the cool part – one of the guys proposed to his girlfriend after she took the jump.

She said yes.

Enjoy the video!

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Where do I start with this one?

Monkeys steal cocktails of passed out beach-goers in the West Indies. Monkeys go back for more. Get inebriated but, unlike humans, “monkeys become better leaders when they’re intoxicated” according to this BBC video. I’ll let you be the judge of that, but I gotta tell ya, you’re gonna bust a gut laughing as you watch this video. The best part though has to be the narrator, who sounds so serious as these monkeys steal drinks from hapless tourists and get completely wasted.

And if you’re ever in the general vicinity of a beach in the West Indies, you might wanna, like, not take your pina colada to the beach unless you wanna share it with a buncha drunken monkeys…

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Tedd Rudd's swan song, Experience Freedom, is being called "The Best BASE Jumping Video Ever"

Bad news first: this video takes way too f%#$ing long to load.

Now the good news, wait for it to stream and you’ll see why it took so long. This video, of BASE jumper Tedd Rudd, and released by InfinityList, may very well provide you with a compelling reason to get up, leave your office job, buy a wing-suit and jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

There are tons of BASE jumping videos on the net. And while many of them are good, few are done with such artistry, and magic, as this, what some folks are calling “the best BASE jumping video ever”. Would I go that far? If not, then pretty darn close. This is one exhilarating video that captures the essence of life, of majesty, of all that’s amazing and worth living for. In short, it’s really f*#king cool. And the music rocks.

Sadly, it looks like the star of the film, Tedd Rudd, pulled a Point Break and recently died doing what he loved. Well you know what? For this amazing video, and the journey he straps us along for, I think it’s safe to say the guy lived a life that most of us can only dream about. Rest in Peace Tedd Rudd.

Are you ready for Experience Freeedom?

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Where to travel to meet the friendliest people? I’d say Turkey or Thailand. But if you’re a dolphin you might head to Maui, as this video, shot in 2009, captures just how friendly the locals in Hawaii can be…the whales I mean. Watch as our hero, one bottle nosed dolphin, hitches a ride on the back of a friendly and decidedly co-operative humpback whale. This does beg the question, however, do dolphins, like, have thumbs, to indicate they’re in the mood for some marine highway companionship or is there some other form of etiquette to hitch a ride off the waters of Maui? I have no clue, but the video’s awesome.

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There’s not much else to say about this video, of Chris Johnson, featured at the Shark Diver blog, other than this is what it’s all about.

I don’t know this guy. And from watching this video all you’ll really learn is that one day his girlfriend told him pretty much that it was over, and the guy was devastated. Something we can all relate to for sure. So he jumps on the plane to San Diego and films his journey along the Pacific to Isla De Guadalupe, where yours truly went shark diving back in 2007 (with the same company).

The funny thing is, this video isn’t about sharks at all, but it’s so well done, and it captures one reason why an intrepid soul went to the Pacific Ocean and find answers among the most beautiful creature on Earth. You’ll love when it appears.

Good on ya Chris Johnson.

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Phil Harwood is the first man to canoe the Congo River. Photo taken by Phil Harwood

Folks often wonder where to travel for a slow, leisurely getaway for some rest and relaxation. Congo is not one of these places. Fortunately for humanity and the good of mankind, there are brave – if not slightly crazy – men like Phil Harwood, a British man who recently became the first person in history to do the entire 3,000 gauntlet that is the Congo River.

You might wonder why that feat was until recently something that had yet to be conquered. Well let’s see…crocodiles, really big snakes, men with machetes, really nasty insects, corruption and generally about a million ways to curl up and die. Not to mention the length of the river, which at 3,000 miles, is one of the longest rivers in the world.

His journey is as fascinating as the river he travelled. And, considering the troubled history of Congo, thanks in no small part to 18th century imperialism, the river itself tells a story, of the people of the region and the land to which it belongs. Harwood documented his record-breaking travel along the Congo River in his book Canoeing the Congo. There’s a video here that tells some of his story.

Good on ya Phil Harwood ­čśë

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Politeness counts, even among bears. And with over four million hits, this video, of a polite Kodiak bear at Olympic Game Park in Washington state is all the rage online. I have nothing to add, other than, wow, this bear is really polite.

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Aussies have surfing (grrrrrr). The UK has rugby. The Americans have damn well what ever they like. And us Canucks? Well we do one thing really well…we do cold like no other country on Earth. Heck, it’s actually below zero in BC right now. For the adventure travel junkie this means one thing…Ski slopes!! Canadians might find even more comfort knowing that, according to numerous polls by international ski buffs, and this one among them, Canadians do skiing so well that we’re on top of the list. Check out the Ten Best Ski Resorts on Earth. And the winner is…Whistler Blackcomb!!!

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Virgin Group CEO and founder Richard Branson has never been one to shy away from adventure sports. And you might recall that, several months ago, we learned that he had his eye on crossing the English Channel for his 60th birthday. The adventurous billionaire was thwarted, temporarily, in those efforts by lack of winds. Yet evidently he’s still in training. According to this article, Branson and billionaire buddy and Google CEO Larry Page are hitting the waves at Branson’s privately owned Necker Island in the aptly named British Virgin Islands. Go get’em Richard.

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