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A confession: I am really bad at tying knots. Fortunately for these demented rock climbers who recently created a 150 foot rope swing on Corona Arch near Canyonlands National Park in Utah, they’re more inclined to tying knots that hold under strain. That’s a good thing, considering this freakin epic rope swing nabs some serious air time and floated around claims of “the world’s largest” til some killjoy killed that one with a link to an even bigger rope swing in New Zealand.

Still, it’s a sick, sick rope swing. Love the video and the hoots and hollers as these guys do the 130 foot free fall and the bungee-esque sling-shot back up. And the cool part – one of the guys proposed to his girlfriend after she took the jump.

She said yes.

Enjoy the video!

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If you see this octopus, do not approach it. Do not try to touch it. Go straight to the police. This octopus approached a diver off New Zealand and took a liking to his fancy underwater camera. The diver thought the octopus was attacking him. Turns out, he just REALLY liked the camera. So much so that he grabbed it and swam away while the camera was filming. After a five minute getaway the diver caught up with the octopus and got his camera back. Then the octopus tried to take his spear gun! Seriously, this octopus has some serious boundary issues! Admittedly, he’s a pretty good thief, but his camera technique could use some attention…

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