Surfer Cheats Death in Narrow Miss With Jet Ski

Man, some guys just look death in the face and tell it to F&#k Off.  Fortunately for Ramiana van Bastolaer, the world-renowned big wave surfer did just that, with an Oh Shit moment for the record books and a video that will make your jaw hit the floor.

Watch this video, of Reef McIntosh’s jet ski flying over head and literally, I mean literally, miss Bastolaer by inches. McIntosh had towed Bastolaer out for some big wave surfing action and bailed right when the wave turned nasty and, well, the full story is here.

The jet ski didn’t make it, but McIntosh and Bastolaer and both ok, and Bastolaer stayed on the wave and has one of the sickest, narrow miss videos in history to prove it. Sick Sick Sick. Bastolaer, as someone comments on YouTube, is a F%$*ing Ninja.


Illegal Wakeboarding in Amsterdam

The red light district is for tourists.  These adrenaline junkies have found a much more original way to explore the vice sink of Europe.  This whole video has the feel of a BASE jump.  I love how they stay just one step ahead of the authorities.  The video is in another language – German maybe? – but the grins are universal.