Sky Diving Video Captures Seizure at 9,000 Feet

sky_diving_seizureAustralian skydiver Christopher Jones doesn’t remember about 30 seconds of his recent jump. There’s a good reason for that. He was unconscious – with a seizure shortly after exiting the plane at 12,000 feet as part of a sky diving course.

Not exactly the best place for a medical emergency to hit, but that’s exactly what happens, and all caught on the jump master’s head camera and now loaded on YouTube under the name Nomadic Adrenaline.

A Sky Diver’s Nightmare

The video captures Jones’s self-professed possibly scariest moment of his life (um, no kidding). From the viewer’s perspective, it’ll send chills up your spine to watch him break away from instructor Sheldon McFarlane at 0:37 when he tries to grab the distressed jumper so he can pull his chute.

The good news is that McFarlane quickly realized something was up and didn’t panic. They successfully connected 4,000 feet, and pulled the chute, after which Jones came to and landed successfully.

As you’d expect, the video is making the rounds online and in Australia. McFarlane, for his part, downplays his role in saving the man’s life and says he does not like to be called a hero.

At the risk of offending him, I’m gonna say it one more time. Sheldon McFarlane is a hero. There, we’re good.

Sky Diving is a Self-Regulated Industry

The incident raises several questions. Among those being, who should sky dive. And just as important, who should NOT?

Sky diving is self-regulated in the United States and in many countries. It’s largely up to each outfit to use judgement to determine who should make the jump. The situation is fairly similar here in Canada, where the governing body is the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, which watches over the sport, and guides sky diving outfits in the best practices direction.

I guess the takeaway message here is that some people should indeed NOT go sky diving. I don’t know Jones’s medical history but if he knew he was epileptic, he may have just pushed his luck. Just the same, a big sigh of relief that he made it out of this one, and an effective reminder to think twice about sky diving if you have health concerns or conditions. Or try indoor sky diving, where medics are a quick phone call away.

Australian CliffJumper Almost Lands on Great White Shark


terry_tufferson_cliffjumper_great_whiteOK, I’ve done a lot of great white shark related posts on this blog. But this one’s just too good to pass up. A cliff and a GoPro camera. A winning combination right? You bet – unless there’s a great white shark swimming below.

Let’s just say this video gives new meaning to the term ‘shark-diving’.

The story: Australian cliffjumper Terry Tufferson was in an area of Sydney Harbor, the aptly named Jump Rock at Collins Beach. No points awarded to figure out what happens there – the place is famous for cliff-jumping.  So our good buddy Tufferson suited up this week for a jump with his trusty GoPro camera strapped to forehead to bear witness for what he thinks will be a typical afternoon of cliffjumper mojo.

Thing is, what happens next ain’t so typical. Tufferson lands in the water and quickly hears his mate yelling something about a shark. And waddaya know? At 0:41 seconds, sure enough, a great white shark happens to swim by, followed by a more ‘up-close and personal’ encounter with our trepid cliffjumper, who’s feeling a little creeped out right now, as he comes within about two feet of a great white.

I like it!

Of course, as a regular to this blog you know that great white sharks don’t actually eat people right? But I’m sure that was of little consolation to Tufferson as he sat there wondering just WTF was going on and, like, why can’t a cliffjumper just go about cliff jumping without landing on a great white shark?!

The video is a little controversial because some are saying it’s too perfect. What is the chance a cliff jumper will just coincidentally land on a great white shark in Sydney Harbor Australia. Some say it’s fake, but it looks pretty darn real to me, and I gotta say, if it’s real, Terry Tufferson ain’t gonna forget that anytime soon.

Real or fake? Judge for yourself.

+Steven Hutchings


Great White Shark Makes Rare Appearance Off Hawaii

Ask any shark freak (like myself) and they’ll tell you there’s a specific pecking order among shark tourism destinations around the world. I mean, you can see reef sharks pretty much anywhere near the equator, but where do you go for the big boys? Cause we all wanna see a great white shark, correct?

That’s a good question. And you’ll get different opinions on the best shark tourism spots around the globe. South Africa’s good. Australia’s interesting. There’s California. And right in the middle of the Pacific, there’s Hawaii.

The fiftieth state has a little of everything when it comes to all things sharky. I was there in January of 2010 and had a short but very enjoyable dive off the North Shore with Hawaii Shark Encounters. At that time of year it’s usually galapagos and sandbar sharks, although tiger sharks appear in the fall.

But the reason for this post, is that something very special happened, on December 18th, 2005. On that day, a great white shark made a very rare appearance, to Jimmy Hall and the crew at Hawaii Shark Encounters. A beautiful, 20 foot female great white dazzled Hall and the gang for 45 minutes. And Hall left the cage and swam with this marvelous creature. Read about the encounter here.

Sadly, the encounter was a swan song for Hall, as he passed away while BASE jumping just two years later. But the legacy of this remarkable interaction lives on. Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.

Are there great white sharks off Hawaii? On a very, very few special occasions, the answer is yes. But they’re so rare that it’s pretty much assured that you won’t see the great white in Hawaiian waters any time soon.

And by the way, enjoy this video, because to date it’s the only time a great white shark has ever been filmed off Hawaii.

Be at peace, Jimmy Hall.


Sickest, Baddest Most Hardcore Waves in Australia

To each their own. Canada has hockey, the Norwegians have wing-suits. And the Aussies? They have waves that would give Kelly Slater wet dreams for the next fifty years. This is a compilation video, of just some absolutely disgusting waves and the surfers who ride them. This is big wave surfing, by the way. Don’t try this at home.


Awesome Kite Surfing in Australia

Oh my God, this video just makes me wanna pack my bags and catch the next plane to Australia.  This is just a beautiful video, of some disgustingly blue ocean and waves that scream “Surf Me”.  The kite-surfing is pretty cool too, courtesy of West Oz Rippers.  This is why I love blogging about adventure travel.  Enjoy!


James Cameron-Worthy Surfing Video

Awesome aerial video here of some surfers soaking up  the best of Byron Bay, Australia.  I’m diggin’ the cinematography and the  jive/ambient surfer to-cool-for-school tunes.  Shot by quadrocopter by RC Video.  James Cameron would be proud.  Speaking of quadrocopters, I want one!


Kayaks and Shark Porn

First the good news. A kayaker and some fishermen encountered a huge great white shark in Australia and got some cool video. Now the bad news. This is shark porn folks, and it’s why people are killing upwards of 100 million sharks each year.